Being in Debt in America has become a way of life.  Commercials abound on the TV and radio to get you to purchase items on such terms as "90 days same as cash" or "no payments until 2017" and the credit card companies are counting on people not being able to pay off that purchase in the stated time period because then that credit card company or finance company gets to charge you their exorbitant interest rate.  At that point, they've hooked you and you will be choking on that Debt until it is paid off.  And guess what, that "deal" that you got when you purchased the item will turn into a nightmare that costs you double the original price when the interest is added up that you will pay. 

Let's face it all the department stores want you to buy on their charge cards.  Why?  Because you immediately get what you want, they make their profit on the sale and then if you use their credit card to pay it off over several months, they are also making 12%-20% on their money!!  Wouldn't you like to earn 12%-20% on your money?

So, what does this mean?  It means.....Someone wants you in Debt so you can be a slave to paying them off and supporting them with your hard earned dollars.  Don't do it their way.

There is another way to self-finance puchases.  We can show you how to do it.