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The average American will have $2,000,000 go through their hands over their lifetime, but will only have an average of $60,000 of assets at age 65. That's not the American Dream! (Source: U.S. Census)


How We Help

Adding 25%-40% more in spendable income to your retirement

Not paying tax on your social security

Reducing or eliminating your taxes in retirement

Adding a guaranteed income stream to your retirement


How We're Different

Unlike financial advisors who focus on advising their clients about specific financial products they sell, we teach a proven financial literacy program that is based on sound principles of money management.  Our program allows people to get immediate control of their spending, debt, savings and taxation. 


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Are you 100% sure you are going to have a great retirement or do you have some doubt?

We help people earn 25%-40% more income simply by optimizing their retirement accounts from a tax perspective.

We offer a Free – No Risk- No Obligation consultation to see if we can help you.


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What People are Saying

March 2017

"Having worked with many experienced attorney's over the span of our careers, my husband and I did not think twice about calling Joe when we needed guidance in estate planning. The level of integrity, confidence and patience he exhibited gave us incredible piece of mind. To have his guidance in our estate planning has been invaluable to us. We have engaged Mr. Adelizzi for other legal issues since, and the traits we most value are consistently demonstrated. Without hesitation, if you are ever in need of a brilliant legal mind, accompanied by strong character and integrity- Joe Adelizzi is the number one recommendation."
-L.F., Oceanside, CA


October 2016

"Joe prepared our Estate Planning documents and also assisted my husband and I in some other legal matters. He is a very knowledgeable attorney and is super personable. We didn't know where to start when we decided to move forward with this. Joe walked us through everything and explained each document and it's purpose. For the average person, this can be overwhelming, and Joe was able to put us at ease and make the whole process a breeze. I have, and will continue to recommend Joe to everyone I know."
-Jessica G., San Marcos CA

April 2013

"Joe Adelizzi is an excellent attorney that really cares for his clients. I sought the advice of Joe after my parents passed away as I was completely in the dark about the entire process. Joe informed me of everything I needed to know and really took the time to explain everything to me to ensure I fully understood. He is extremely friendly and really enjoys what he does. It's great to see an attorney that is so honest and truly has compassion for his clients!"

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If You Are Saving For Retirement in a 401k or IRA, You Need to Get a Second Opinion

Do you realize that the money in your 401K or IRA account will be taxed at current income tax rates when you start withdrawing that money?  These accounts are “Tax Traps.”


 You can save for retirement in a 401(k), TSA or an IRA, and “temporarily” defer taxes on both your deposits and your earnings in such accounts.  But when you retire, you will have to pay taxes on all of that money and on all of the income it generates.

zero is your hero

Investment firms have taken over the management and control of retirement funds.  This transition has caused thousands of people’s retirement plans to be switched from safety and guarantees, to risky and unpredictable stock market investments.