If You Are Saving For Retirement in a 401k or IRA, You Need to Get a Second Opinion


If you are saving for retirement in a 401K or IRA you need to get a second opinion on your options.


Do you realize that the money in your 401K or IRA account will be taxed at current income tax rates when you start withdrawing that money?  These accounts are “Tax Traps.”

Did you know that the top personal income rate in 1979 was 70%? In 2012 the top rate was 34% and in 2013 it went to 39%.  Tax rates are edging higher already!

How do you think the government is going to reduce the $19 Trillion Dollar deficit?  Don’t you think tax rates will go up in the future?

How would you like to take advantage of ways to protect yourself now from rising tax rates?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to re-position your retirement savings to take advantage of a bad situation for once in your life before it happens?

Would you like to learn about legal strategies, currently available that could increase your income in retirement by 25%-40% based on current tax rates?

Would you like to learn how you can re-position your retirement savings so that the performance of the cash account is tied to an Index like the S&P 500 Index and its growth with downside limits of 0% and current upside limits of 13+%.?

There is a proven, legal strategy that allows you to save for retirement in a way that has liquidity, fully tax deferred growth, offers stock market returns without the risk of stock market loss, and can provide a tax free income?

 You can easily find out if this would be something you should implement for Your Own Personal Retirement Wellbeing, by contacting us to arrange for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our Tax Attorney Consultants.

 Be sure to request a completely FREE ANALYSIS of your Current Retirement Savings Plan Options.


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