Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Estate Planning Lawyer


1. Do you use computerized drafting software?

2. Do you assign your non-attorney staff the responsibility to input information into drafting software to draft my estate planning documents?

3. How much time do you personally spend drafting my estate plan?

4. How are you different from internet sites that produce estate planning documents from a questionnaire?

5. Is funding my Trust included or is there an extra charge?

6. Do you personally coordinate re-titling of assets into my Trust or do you assign that to a non-attorney staff member?

7. Do you coordinate my retirement accounts with my estate plan?

8. Do you charge an annual fee whether my plan needs to be updated or not?

9. Do you personally litigate Trust disputes if there is a problem with my estate plan?

10. Are you available, after I sign my documents, to answer questions at no charge?


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